The developers of postActiv have only so many hours in the day, so both they and the community use bounties to help stimulate development of features that we'd like but don't have time for, or aren't a high priority but someone would like to see sooner rather than later.  These can be both bug fixes or new features and functionalities, and anyone who follows the contribution guidelines can submit them.  The tendering of community bounties is handled by Maiyannah Bishop, the lead developer, unless specified otherwise.

A Note About Bounties

At all stages of the process - accepting bounties, posting them, accepting and reviewing bounty claims, and payouts, we reserve the right of final decision as to whether the code is something we want in the codebase.  Before you contribute, either a bounty to be fulfilled or by claiming a bounty, please make sure you're okay with this.  We might not end up accepting the exact way you'd want something done, or you might hack up the code and we decide it's not up to snuff.  It can happen, though we try to be considerate of people's time and suggest revisions rather than flat reject something.  Nonetheless, keep this in mind before contributing.

Also, depending on financial situations at a given time, renumeration might not be made until the next Patreon cycle.

Current Bounties

postActiv Logo

This bounty isn't a code bounty, but nonetheless is something we're offering recompense for if someone does it for us.  postActiv's current logo is something that Maiyannah Bishop bashed up with her very little image editing talents, and so we're seeking a better-looking and more professional one to use as postActiv's logo.  This logo will be vetted and accepted/rejected by the postActiv community, with final decision with Maiyannah.  It should be something you are willing to allow us to use in association with the project for professional and business purposes to promote the software.  CC-BY-SA licensing would be ideal.  The logo should be something we can scale to print to high DPI if it isn't provided in a decent size at high DPI already.  Adobe formats okay (we get it, its what most design professionals use), but free formats preferred.

Payment: 10$ via Paypal 

#pgpday User Profile Extension

This bounty is offered to honour the #pgpday event on the Fediverse organized by @This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The purpose of the bounty is to add features to postActiv, specifically, to add additional profile fields to a user.

It consists of four programming tasks:

  1. Devising a means by which arbitrary profile fields can be added to postActiv via a plugin.
  2. Providing the database interface for these fields.
  3. Adding to the users setting page a means to edit these fields as desired.
  4. Patching display of these fields into the Qvitter plugin.

Ideally, this would be extensible for any future arbitrary fields.  Please use "Public email" (that is displayed on the profile if desired), "XMPP" and "PGP Key Fingerprint" as the test fields.  Provided reference implementation must include this. 

A plugin exists already that you can rewrite for arbitrary fields that may speed this task: 

Payment: 20$ via Paypal (you must have a paypal for renumeration)

How to Fulfill a Bounty

When writing code for the bounty, remember that you can always ping the contact information given to get information about specifics.  Please also keep in mind though that if we had the time to do the grunt work ourselves we would just do it!  A bounty is meant to be a financial incentive for the development of code, and try to contact us about the design process if you need guidance, not the implementation process.

With that in mind, review the following three documents to ensure your patch meets our standards:

If you think it does, then you will need to submit a merge request at our gitlab repo at

Then, assuming the merge request is accepted, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a link to the accepted merge request.  She will review the code again (along with the b) and if it all looks good she will disburse the payment.  Make sure you provide a paypal account or bitcoin wallet address in the email so she can!

How to Offer a Bounty

If you are willing to offer money to a bounty, you will need two things: the money, and an abstract of the feature you'd like added to postActiv (the more detailed the better), or bug you'd like fixed.  The process goes like this:

  1. You email us with an abstract of the bounty you'd like to offer, you can contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  2. We get back to you with what we think of the bounty abstract - if we think its okay, if we'd want changes (knowing the codebase, limitations, practicalities, and other concerns), or if we're not interested.  If we need revisions, go back to step 1 :)
  3. Once the abstract is approved, you send us the money via either Paypal or Bitcoin
  4. Once the money is received it is held by us, and the bounty is posted on that page.
  5. When the bounty is claimed we review the submission ourselves, and then with yourself, to see if it fulfills your abstract.
  6. Any revisions are sent back to the claimant.
  7. Once any and all revisions are complete, the bounty is paid out, and we're done